Friday, July 1, 2011

Andre Iguodala Trade Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Must Trade or It Could Get Ugly

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
By Ethan Norof (Featured Columnist): Andre Iguodala has been rumored to be on the trade block, and he may soon find his way out of Philadelphia.

Similar to Josh Smith in Atlanta, a divorce may be in the best interest of both parties.

Iguodala, who has spent all seven of his professional seasons in Philadelphia, has seemingly begun to wear out his welcome among some fans that are itching for a change.

General manager Rod Thorn has admitted to gauging the value of Iguodala on the open market, but that doesn't indicate that a trade is immediately forthcoming.

The club is only going to pull the trigger on a trade that improves the team, and that's tough to do considering the amount of money that is currently owed to Iguodala on his deal.

The veteran forward is owed more than $50 million over the next few seasons, and that's an awfully large commitment for an interested team to willingly take on.

Should the Sixers decide that a trade is in the best interest of the club moving forward, they're going to have to target a team with either cap space or another well-paid player that they feel could be a fit on their current club.

Head coach Doug Collins is a noted Iguodala supporter, and with the surprising success that the club enjoyed last season, it's very possible that they hope to build upon it rather than blow it apart.

There's no doubt that Iguodala would be best served on a team where he is featured prominently in the offense, as his ability to score, pass and rebound would be an asset to any club.

He's an incredibly versatile player with an underrated skill set, but it is worth noting that he has largely achieved since being drafted out of Arizona.

If the Sixers can address their size deficiency through an Iguodala trade, they shouldn't be afraid to commit and execute on a deal considering that the young and talented Thaddeus Young is ready to explode.

Moving Iguodala would not only clear major minutes for Young, but it could also clear serious cap space into the future as the Sixers look to remain relevant for a very long time in a crowded Eastern Conference.


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