Thursday, July 14, 2011

NBA Lockout: Where the 50 Top Players May Play Overseas If Negotiations Fail

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images
With Matt Bonner considering the new CBA deal to be one of the worst deals in sports history, there is a large chance that there might not even be an NBA season to look forward to this October.

It's a case of millionaires fighting with billionaires and the only people truly suffering being the fans who have to deal with a possible loss of basketball for the next year. The average NBA fan couldn't care less about what this lockout is all about since all they want to see is their favorite players and teams play, but it might not happen with the way labor negotiations are being conducted.

However, there still could be a chance that we would be able to witness our favorite players in action. With All-Star point guard Deron Williams announcing that he would be going to Turkey if the lockout didn't end, it could lead the way for a number of other players to start playing overseas as well. It not only gives them playing time, but it proves to the owners that they're willing to wait for a better deal while still being able to play.

It's also surprising to see a player of Williams' caliber announce that he would play overseas since the most well-known players to play across the world have been Josh Childress and Earl Boykins. Williams could lead a pilgrimage of All-Stars and superstars playing basketball in nations that they have either had previous association with or that just want a new experience in life.

Here are 50 of the top players and where each of those players could be heading if these labor negotiations continue to strain.

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