Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Scottie Pippen, Robert Horry talk LeBron's legacy

Scottie Pippen and Robert Horry each know a little something about winning. But the two former NBA stars disagree on the legacy of LeBron James.

Talking to writer Erin Sharoni, Pippen did not back off his controversial stance that James would someday eclipse Michael Jordan.

"My position is still the same. You're talking about a very young kid who came to the game at a very young age. Statistically, he will probably be the best player at the end of the day…based on the number of years he can get in, (he's a) super athlete, very versatile in a lot of ways...My comment was not meant to belittle the greatest player in the game—he has truly made his mark with his style, with his charisma, with his brand—but from a statistical standpoint, I think (LeBron) has great (potential) to be recognized as the best."

When Sharoni asked Horry about James' claim that he''ll end up with more than seven titles, Horry, who has seven rings, said "who?" before adding "you gotta aim high…I hope that he does surprise us, that'd mean he did his thing like he was supposed to." Horry smiled: "But it ain't gonna happen."

Souce USA Today


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