Monday, December 26, 2011

Kobe Bryant Saw German Doc

"Kobe Bryant traveled to Germany in October to undergo an innovative procedure on his left ankle, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday.

It was Bryant's second such trip during the offseason. The Los Angeles Lakers guard underwent an experimental but increasingly popular procedure in Germany in July in an attempt to help heal his oft-injured right knee, a source told at that time.

The procedure, called platelet-rich plasma therapy, consists of centrifuging the patient's blood to isolate platelets and growth factors. The mix is then injected into the injured area to accelerate healing. The concentrated growth factors have been shown to speed tissue growth and healing in surgically created lesions in lab animals.

Golfer Tiger Woods, New York Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty and Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee also reportedly have undergone the treatment.

Bryant, 33, has been bothered in recent seasons by an arthritic joint in his right knee. He has undergone three other knee procedures since 2003, including surgery last July to remove unspecified loose bodies."

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