Monday, December 19, 2011


Season starts December 25th, ends April 26th. That’s about two weeks later than usual, and it means there will only be one day off from the end of the regular season before the playoffs begin on Saturday, April 28th, presumably. That’s not a huge bump in games, 3.9 games up from 3.5 per week, according to Beck.

Here is the Preseason full schedule

Upcoming Games
DecemberGameGame Time
   Sun 25Boston @ New York12:00 PM ET
  Miami @ Dallas2:30 PM ET
  Chicago @ L.A. Lakers5:00 PM ET
  Orlando @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET
  L.A. Clippers @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Mon 26New Jersey @ Washington7:00 PM ET
  Milwaukee @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
  Houston @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
  Toronto @ Cleveland7:00 PM ET
  Detroit @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
  Oklahoma City @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
  Denver @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
  Memphis @ San Antonio8:30 PM ET
  New Orleans @ Phoenix9:00 PM ET
  L.A. Lakers @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
  Philadelphia @ Portland10:00 PM ET
  Chicago @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Tue 27Atlanta @ New Jersey7:30 PM ET
  Boston @ Miami8:00 PM ET
  Minnesota @ Milwaukee8:30 PM ET
  Sacramento @ Portland10:00 PM ET
  Utah @ L.A. Lakers10:30 PM ET
   Wed 28Indiana @ Toronto6:00 PM ET
  Miami @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
  Washington @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
  Cleveland @ Detroit7:30 PM ET
  Oklahoma City @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
  Boston @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
  L.A. Clippers @ San Antonio8:30 PM ET
  Utah @ Denver9:00 PM ET
  Philadelphia @ Phoenix9:00 PM ET
  New York @ Golden State10:30 PM ET
   Thu 29New Jersey @ Orlando7:00 PM ET
  San Antonio @ Houston8:00 PM ET
  Dallas @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET
  Chicago @ Sacramento10:00 PM ET
  Denver @ Portland10:00 PM ET
  New York @ L.A. Lakers10:30 PM ET
   Fri 30Orlando @ Charlotte7:00 PM ET
  Cleveland @ Indiana7:00 PM ET
  Detroit @ Boston7:30 PM ET
  New Jersey @ Atlanta7:30 PM ET
  Houston @ Memphis8:00 PM ET
  Phoenix @ New Orleans8:00 PM ET
  Miami @ Minnesota8:00 PM ET
  Washington @ Milwaukee8:30 PM ET
  Toronto @ Dallas8:30 PM ET
  Philadelphia @ Utah9:00 PM ET
  Chicago @ L.A. Clippers10:30 PM ET
   Sat 31Denver @ L.A. Lakers3:30 PM ET
  Indiana @ Detroit6:00 PM ET
  Atlanta @ Houston7:00 PM ET
  Phoenix @ Oklahoma City8:00 PM ET
  New York @ Sacramento8:00 PM ET
  Utah @ San Antonio8:30 PM ET
  Philadelphia @ Golden State9:00 PM ET


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