Monday, June 18, 2012

Trade Deng? Luxury Tax Issue Could Make Bulls Deal Him

"When John Paxson first took over as Bulls general manager in 2003, he mentioned an early piece of advice he received from a more experienced colleague: "Never trade an established player for a nonestablished player."

Paxson has given way to Gar Forman, but surely that advice has been passed along in the Berto Center board room.
So why would the Bulls even think about trying to trade Luol Deng for a high draft pick?

That does appear to be one of the strategies under consideration right now, league sources confirmed. A draft camp meeting with North Carolina forward Harrison Barnes was mentioned on the team's website, but there's probably no single target.

And yes, it does seem odd that Deng would go from leading the NBA in minutes per game to trade bait. That can be explained, however."


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