Monday, June 18, 2012

In An NBA Finals Full Of 50-50 Calls, LeBron Is Winning 100 Percent Of The Time

"I present the following not as a conspiracy theory, but as a fact:

A judgment call by an official late in Game 2 of the NBA Finals went in favor of LeBron James, and that judgment call allowed the Heat to escape with a victory against the Thunder. Three days later, on Sunday night, a judgment call by an official again went in favor of LeBron James -- and that call allowed the Heat to hit the clinching free throw and escape Game 3 with a 91-85 victory.

Again, that's not me launching a conspiracy theory. That's me telling you the way that it is, and the way it is has the Heat holding a 2-1 lead on the Thunder -- with both wins sealed by a referee's decision of a 50-50 call in favor of LeBron James.

Well, hold on -- I'm trying to deal with facts here, not theories, so let me clear up one fact in that last sentence:

Those were not 50-50 calls that went in favor of LeBron James. That would be generous to the officials, and I'm not in a generous mood to say either call looked as close as a 50-50 proposition. Not Thursday in Game 2, and not Sunday in Game 3, when a bizarre call -- dare I say phantom call -- 45 feet from the basket sent James to the foul line with 16.2 seconds left and the Heat holding a three-point lead. James hit the second of two free throws to make it a four-point game, a two-possession game, and it was essentially over."


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