Monday, June 18, 2012

Thunder Can't Match The Resolve Or Hunger Of LeBron James And The Heat

"The championship is waiting for LeBron James now, within his grasp, a confluence borne of configuring his mind and body with the scattered state of these Oklahoma City Thunder. He thinks about those Dallas Mavericks and the NBA Finals, the way the moment made him reluctant, afraid, and something's hardened with him. He doesn't cower. He doesn't scare. Finally, LeBron James is coming.

All these mistakes, all these regrettable moments, belong to someone else now. James pushes for his destiny, two victories away, and a collapse now would be the most colossal of all. He is too wise to lose to the Thunder. He's too great. Beyond James' genius, Oklahoma City gave Miami Game 3 on Sunday night, an avalanche of AAU offense, inexplicable turnovers and foolish fouls conspiring in a 91-85 loss.

James delivered his 29 points and 14 rebounds for a 2-1 series lead, and he made Thunder star Kevin Durant miss everything on two telltale possessions late in the fourth quarter. He pushed Durant deep into foul trouble. James obliterated Durant the way his two trips to the NBA Finals, his three MVP awards, his successes and failures, demand he devour everything between him and the celebratory podium. "


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