Sunday, October 21, 2012

NBA Means Business With Flopping Crackdown

"Based on the tone of several responses to the NBA's crackdown on flopping this season, you would think no player in the league has ever exaggerated physical contact — or a lack thereof.

"We don't flop over here," Chicago Bulls forward Carlos Boozer said. "We play D. If we take charges, it's a real charge. There are some teams that live and die by the flop. I like the rule. It puts pressure on guys to play better defense."

Not surprisingly, rebellious Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is resisting the league's new action, claiming the anti-flopping rule is "very subjective" and difficult to legislate.

"They're going to have to stick to the most obvious (flops)," Cuban said. "Like he missed you and you fell over. Those type of things."

Given what has transpired so far this preseason, the NBA apparently means business.

Golden State guard Jarrett Jack said the league warned him about flopping in a preseason game. "So I've been warned for flopping hahaha," Jack tweeted."

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